The Kickbox for the Cure kick-a-thon invites kickboxing clubs across Toronto to challenge their skills and endurance in a one hour kicking challenge on September 24th where each participating club will strive to get in a kick for every dollar they raise.  Spearheaded by Aynsley Lenkorn, champion kickboxer and owner of DNA Fitness, the kick-a-thon aims to raise funds for Rethink Breast Cancer as part of the Kickbox for the Cure campaign.

If you’d like your club to be part of the Kickbox for the Cure kick-a-thon to raise vital funds for Rethink Breast Cancer, please contact Katie Gillespie for a registration form: Katie@rethinkbreastcancer.com

If you'd like to join the team of a participating club, click on the club below and then click "join my team".

DNA Fitness

Toronto Kyokushinkai Karate