Catherine's Story


Catherine McCormack is a competitive race walker, a mother of two young boys and a community activist who, at the young age of 39, has already taken on an 8 year battle with multiple sclerosis (MS) and, faced with a locally advanced breast cancer diagnosis in December, has just undergone eight rounds of chemo therapy and a double mastectomy. Though she has been dealt what most would consider a very unfair hand, Catherine’s spirit, energy, fitness level and drive are extraordinary. Believing that the only way through these challenges is to face them head on with humour, courage, and a positive attitude, Catherine credits her involvement in competitive sport as being responsible for her MS remission. She is facing breast cancer with the same level of defiance she did her MS diagnoses. In short, Catherine wants to “kick breast cancer firmly to the curb!” Throughout treatment, Catherine not only continued with her competitive race walking, she also kept up with her kickboxing, an important part of her cross-training. The support she received from the women in her kickboxing class was remarkable. The women christened the Friday class after each of Catherine’s Thursday chemo treatment “Pink Friday” with all wearing pink to show Catherine their love and support. Now, they are all rallying together in an even larger way to fight the disease and raise money for Rethink Breast Cancer through Kickbox for the Cure.

Watch Catherine in action just an hour after radiation: