About Kickbox for the Cure

Kickbox for the Cure is a brand new Rethink Breast Cancer fundraising event conceptualized and spearheaded by an incredible young woman, Catherine McCormack, and the kickboxing community. The event takes Catherine’s newfound love for the sport and skill of kickboxing and combines it with a night of fabulous food, fashion, entertainment and activities to raise funds for Rethink Breast Cancer - a charity reaching out to young people concerned about and affected by the disease. Catherine, a young woman herself, saw a perfect synergy between the event she was looking to create and Rethink Breast Cancer, a charity known for taking a bold and positive approach to breast cancer awareness, education and support for young patients. Kickbox for the Cure was born!

Fundraising Efforts

Kickbox for the Cure aims to raise $250,000 in its inaugural year for Rethink Breast Cancer's education, research and support services for young women. This revenue is invaluable in the fight against breast cancer. Money raised through Kickbox for the Cure will help expand Rethink's vital programs for young women with breast cancer and develop and fund desperately needed new programs across the country.